Build Your Own East Coast Tide Clock


Beautiful 16″ Nautical Chart Tide Clock for all your favorite East Coast Locations!

Good vibes happen on the tides! Designed by a fisherman nearly 40 years ago, our 16″ Tide Clocks make a great gift for a fisherman, sailor, or anyone who has spent a lifetime on the water. Offered in 4 different accent options and two water colors to fit every coastal style.

Tide Clocks do not show the time but the tide, and more precisely the time remaining before low tide and high tide. The moon is the major cause of the tides. The lunar day, the time it takes for the moon to reappear at the same place in the sky, is 24 hours and 50 minutes. Most East Coast locations have a semidiurnal tide or two distinct high tides and two low tides each day. Therefore, the hand on our tide clocks rotates once every 12 hours and 25 minute, twice each lunar day. As a general rule, it is best to set the tide hand at high tide during a full or new moon. If this is not possible, we suggest you check the reading of the tide hand at the next full or new moon. If, at that time, the tide hand is not indicating to high tide, adjust it with the wheel on the back of the mechanism.

We do not offer tide clocks for use on the West Coast or Gulf of Mexico. Those tides are too irregular for a quartz tide clock to work properly.

  • Size: 16” Diameter
  • Made of Baltic Birch
  • Available in Deep Blue or Blue Green Water Stain
  • Accent Ring available in all Birch, Driftwood Gray, Warm Americana or Sun Bleached Blue
  • Water with laser engraved depth contours is recessed one level below the shoreline
  • Ships fully assembled and ready to hang
  • Lunar Quartz mechanism operates on one AA battery, not included





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