Nautical chart art shop makes big waves

Nautical chart art shop makes big waves

Nautical chart art shop makes big waves

Online retailer Sea & Soul Nautical Chart Art is featured in 70 shops nationwide.

by: Amanda Postma Sarasota-Manatee Editor

Startup: Sea & Soul Nautical Chart Art, a custom nautical chart art online retailer.

Year founded: 2018

Founders: Anna Ursini was a schoolteacher when her kids were in school. When they graduated she shifted her focus to graphic art, eventually taking a position with a gallery owner in Sarasota. That’s where she met business partner, co-founder and manufacturer Bob Stremcha.

Between the time they met and Sea & Soul was founded, Ursini and Stremcha worked with a number of other partners. Ursini was always the artist, Stremcha always the manufacturer and then they typically went in with someone who owned a storefront. When the last venture closed down in 2017, “we talked about it and (decided) instead of someone else being the face, why don’t we create our own brand?” Ursini says. “And that’s how Sea & Soul was started.”

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While the company is based out of Sarasota, Stremcha and his wife, Kathy, are in Wisconsin. Ursini handles day-to-day operations, renders all the art and takes care of customer service, while the Stremchas run a wood shop to build the products.

Business model: Sea & Soul is mostly an online business, with the bathymetric art products appearing in small shops across the U.S. and a presence in one national retail chain. The products,  ranging from ornaments and clocks to cribbage boards and wall art, depict coastlines, islands and lakes.

“My background is in art,” she says, “To enter the business world feeling like I had no business in the business world and then watch this company take off as a result of passion, determination and drive — it’s been amazing.”

During the first year in business, Ursini remembers being at a buyers market in Atlanta. It turned out to be a great opportunity for Sea & Soul, after picking up several small retailers that agreed to sell its products.

“It’s been an opportunity for us to get our product out to a larger market,” she says. “We always see a flurry of activity and I can tell when it’s landing in different stores based on where I’m getting inquiries from on our website.”

Ursini, who grew up in Connecticut, is an on-the-water type of person with some of her fondest memories being visits to see her grandfather at a lake house. Understanding how much a body of water can mean to a person, she tries to incorporate landmarks and history into her art because “that’s going to invoke a lot of memories for people.”

An excerpt from the Business Observer article, Entrepreneurs: Nautical chart art shop makes big waves in retail sector, dated Friday, December 2, 2022.

Read more: Online retailer Sea & Soul Nautical Chart Art is featured in 70 shops nationwide.