As proud owners of an all-American made company, Sea & Soul Charts core values embody the essence of craftsmanship, connection and commitment. We are devoted to:

  • Craftsmanship Excellence: Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Upholding the tradition of American craftsmanship, we take immense pride in crafting products of the highest quality. Employing a range of techniques, each chart stands as a testament to the skill and passion of the artisan.
  • Authenticity and Artistry: From beloved shorelines to iconic lighthouses, each chart tells a story of maritime adventures.  Embracing the uniqueness of coastal living, we strive for authenticity in every chart we create. Our products are designed to reflect the true spirit of the coast, embodying a genuine connection to each location.
  • Innovation with Tradition: Implementing innovation while respecting traditional methods, we strike a balance that ensures our products reflect both the ingenuity of the times and the timeless values of true craftsmanship. As one of the longest running manufacturers of custom bathymetric art in the country, we design not only the products themselves, but also the way they are produced. This commitment to our craft gives us the ability to offer a variety of products and customizations only available at Sea & Soul.
  • Customer Connection: We value the relationships we build with our customers. From personalized service to open communication, we strive to create an experience that goes far beyond the transaction for those who trust us to craft a treasured keepsake.  Our goal is to foster lasting connections with those who share our love for coastal living.

In every aspect of our business, these core values guide us. Our passion for the water and dedication to detail ensure that each chart is a unique masterpiece; an expression of artistry, craftsmanship, and personal connection.

Meet The Team

Anna Ursini

Anna Ursini
The Artist

Anna has been a driving force in hand rendering the intricate drawings used to craft Sea & Soul’s bathymetric works of art for almost 15 years. Using a combination of maps, her drawing style and attention to detail is easily recognizable in the beauty of the coastlines and angles of the contours specific to each body of water.

Anna’s love for the water began with her earliest memories of family time spent at her Grampa’s lake house in Connecticut. While she loves to travel to any of the destinations she draws, she continues to make most of her favorite memories on the water with her children, family, friends – and Finn, her water loving pup – along the West Coast of Florida and New England.

Bob Stremcha
The Craftsman

Bob is the craftsman behind the product engineering at Sea & Soul. Bob’s creative use of new technology combined with time-honored techniques produces the signature look of Sea & Soul Nautical Chart Art.

Since the shop is located in a rural area of Wisconsin, it is not uncommon to look out the window to see Whitetail Deer grazing in the field, or an Amish horse and buggy clop on by. It is against this backdrop that we build our products one-at-a-time, the way it used to be. It is our intention that each of our products becomes a family heirloom, so we build them that way.

Bob and Kathy, his wife of over 40 years, work together in the wood shop; a true Mom and Pop operation. When they are not making beautiful art together, they enjoy spending time with their family.