Spring Refresh with Sea & Soul

Define your coastal style

Spring Refresh with Sea & Soul: Defining Your Coastal Style

As the seasons change, it’s the perfect time for a Spring Refresh with Sea & Soul Charts. While each of these styles reflects different architectural influences and design philosophies, they all share a common goal of creating a comfortable and inviting living space that complements its natural surroundings. Explore our collection, crafted to infuse your living space with the tranquility and beauty of the water.

Coastal CottageCoastal Cottage: 

Coastal cottage interior design embraces a relaxed, casual ambiance inspired by seaside living. Characterized by light, airy colors, natural textures, and vintage furnishings, it creates a cozy retreat reminiscent of a beachside getaway. Nautical accents, such as rope details, striped patterns, and seashell decor, further enhance the coastal charm, inviting a sense of tranquility and comfort into the space.

  • Typically smaller in scale with a cozy, informal atmosphere.
  • Features traditional elements like shingle siding, gabled roofs, and dormer windows.
  • Interior design often includes light, breezy colors, natural materials like wood and wicker, and nautical accents.
  • Emphasizes a relaxed, comfortable vibe that invites indoor-outdoor living.

Rustic Lakehouse LivingRustic Lake House Hideaway: 

Rustic lake house interior design embodies a cozy, earthy aesthetic that harmonizes with its natural surroundings. Featuring warm, inviting elements like exposed wood beams, stone fireplaces, and oversized windows framing picturesque lake views, it creates a retreat that celebrates rustic elegance. Comfortable furnishings, layered textiles, and nature-inspired accents complete the ambiance, fostering a sense of warmth and relaxation in the serene lakeside setting.

  • Tends to have a more rugged, natural aesthetic that blends with its surroundings.
  • Often constructed with stone or rough-hewn timber, featuring large windows to capture scenic views of the lake.
  • Interior design may incorporate elements like exposed beams, stone fireplaces, and earthy tones.
  • Focuses on creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, with comfortable furnishings and outdoor spaces for enjoying the lakefront setting.


Modern Seaside Retreat

Modern Seaside Retreat:

The modern seaside retreat interior design style embraces sleek lines, minimalist aesthetics, and luxurious touches. Featuring expansive windows to capture breathtaking ocean views, it emphasizes open spaces and clean, uncluttered environments. Contemporary materials like glass, steel, and polished concrete, paired with a neutral color palette and high-end furnishings, create a sophisticated yet serene atmosphere perfect for coastal living.

  •      Characterized by sleek lines, minimalist design, and contemporary materials.
  •      Incorporates large windows and open floor plans to maximize views of the ocean.
  •      Utilizes materials like glass, steel, and concrete, often with a neutral color palette and minimalist furnishings.
  •      Prioritizes clean, uncluttered spaces with a focus on functionality and luxury amenities.


Embracing the uniqueness of each coastal living style, we strive for authenticity in every chart we create. From beloved shorelines to iconic lighthouses, our 3D nautical maps are more than just decor; they’re stories of adventures, memories of seaside escapes, and love letters to the ocean’s unparalleled beauty. So whether your style leans more toward Coastal Cottage, Rustic Lakehouse Hideaway or Modern Seaside Retreat, shop the Sea & Soul Charts store -where every piece is a journey back to the water’s edge.