Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2D products: are recessed one level to show one level for land and one level for water, although depths are engraved into the water. Certain product sizes are only available with this option such as clocks, trays and 16×20 wall art.
  • 3D products: are offered in all wall art from 24”x30” up to 40”x50”. These charts can have up to 9 recessed levels to show water depth depending on the product size and shape of the lake.
  • Etched products: are laser engraved. The lake image is burnt directly on to the surface. No stain is used in the process.

The number of layers will depend on the shape of the lake and the product you choose. Narrow lakes and rivers will have less room for layers than round lakes or coast lines.

Unfortunately, this is not an option.

We offer two stain options – Dark Blue and Blue Green.

We offer two standard stain options – Cherry and Walnut. We also offer Inked Black Oak and Weathered Gray as upgraded finishes for an additional charge.

Standard Finish Options

Upgraded Finish Options

You will work one-on-one with our art director to personalize your map.  This not only ensures accuracy by dealing directly with a person but also allows you to work through your project to make sure comes out exactly the way you’d like! 

We want you to love the entire process!

If your favorite place to make memories on the water isn’t on the list, click the button below to make a custom map request. Our design team will reach out to you within 3 days to follow up.


We are happy to add towns, road names, state parks, islands, bays, rivers etc. You can provide a list at the beginning of your project and then you will get up to 3 drafts of your art to finalize the details and make sure everything you want to appear on your project is listed.

The computer generated proof is a mock up created to give you an opportunity to review the design prior to production. This is not a photograph of the finished product.

The final piece will look like the photos of actual products seen on our website. Please note the final product will exactly match the approved design layout, but woodgrain, and other natural properties may vary from product to product.

Some islands are too small for our lasers to cut out.

If we attempt to cut an island that is too small, the laser burns a hole in the map. If it appears gray on your proof, the island will be engraved, but not cut out.

It really depends on what you order.

For items currently in our art library and without personalizations, we ship within 7-10 business days of receiving your order.

If we are creating a custom map, a lot will depend on how quickly you respond to each draft but the typical time frame from order to approval to building and shipping is approximately 3-4 weeks.